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Menetori makes it happen

Menetori is the support you need in running and developing your company. Together we get results and sustainable competitive advantage by use of activating training, functional consulting and active mentoring.

Menetori is a reliable partner in developing business operations and our customers value our experience. The loyalty of our customers demonstrate that our services are beneficial.

Menetori has a clear and inspiring way of acting combining management and leadership with business development and customer experience.

Menetori is the first management consulting company with emphasis on subsidiary management.

Our customers are interested in profit. Therefore our most popular services are

  • Sales training
  • Training for managers
  • Management consulting
  • Interim management

Menetori Oy
Merikapteenintie 10, FI-00890 Helsinki, Finland
Phone + 358 40 7322 343

"The training exceeded expectations"
"The first trainer who could keep me from falling asleep"
"Great, inspiring training. More of this. Big thank you"
"Excellent speaker with good examples"
"I recommend to other CEOs"
Ari Iskanius

CEO of Menetori Oy is Mr. Ari Iskanius, who has 15 years of experience as CEO and Managing Director in B2B services.

Mr. Iskanius has been a member of the board of several enterprises and has played a significant role in mentoring start-up companies.

He holds Master of Law degree from the University of Helsinki with a major in professional services.

When you want to get your ideas to work in practice, please contact us by phone or by email.

Tel: +358 40 7322 343
Email: ari.iskanius [at]

Menetori Oy
Merikapteenintie 10
FI-00890 Helsinki
Puh. +358 40 7322 343


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